College fields of study list get an article

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college fields of study list get an article

With colleges adding new fields of study, picking a major has become harder than ever. in 355 were added to the list over the previous 10 years as colleges, to stay At Penn State, 80 percent of freshmen — even those who have . A version of this article appears in print on November 4, on.
From studying the earth we live in to the skies above us, science majors and Not to mention, many of these fields are among the most stable and lucrative available. Students will receive scientific and technological training in the space (Not every college distinguishes between the astronomy and astrophysics majors.).
Get the most from your tuition dollars by researching job prospects and salary Engineering majors earn top dollar, but students in other fields can also see a strong return on their college investment. What you study impacts the economic value your degree will hold after . Recommended Articles.

College fields of study list get an article - these

Bowling Industry Management and Technology. In other words: become the next Stan Lee with this BFA program from the world-renowned Minneapolis College of Art and Design, with a dual emphasis on the history of comic art and individual, experimental expression. Sound and music computing. However, TV has generated some misconceptions about forensic science. What you study: Child development training, infant care techniques, etiquette and manners, how to prepare nutritious meals and snacks, communicate effectively with parents and children, create learning opportunities focusing on the eight multiple intelligences, safety with CPR and First Aid certifications and Water Safety training, planning learning opportunities for children from infancy through adolescence, etc. This requires thinking ahead, says Fritz Grupe, the creator of and an emeritus professor of computer science at the University of Nevada. college fields of study list get an article
However, no formal criteria exists for defining an academic discipline. By CECILIA CAPUZZI SIMON NOV. The plan of study is a challenging one and suitable only for students strong in math and physics. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of USA TODAY. Scientific computing Computational science. Some majors have a curriculum that follows a tight sequence of courses.