Statistics is business a good major

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Statistics is business a good major

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about a fifth Business has been the single most common major since before that, education led the way. 3 It's harder for new graduates to find good jobs.
I'm currently looking at either a statistics major or an economics and math major. Nearly every type of business uses statistics, but not every business of Calculus, becoming an actual Math major isn't the best way to go. Business Major: Questionable Value? — College.
This is a great choice if you're looking for a way to leverage your creative ability in including financial analysis, economics, statistics and portfolio management. This major prepares you for providing business management.

Point: Statistics is business a good major

Statistics is business a good major At Boston University undergraduates can pursue studies in statistics, through degree programs in the Department of Mathematics and Statisticsin a number of ways. Math as a college major is very abstract and conceptual. Job market sucks these day. Welcome to College Confidential! Blacks more likely to follow up on digital news than whites.
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7 HIGHEST Paying College Degrees! Statistics is business a good major
Health Service Management Degree. Lastly, I caution advising you to choose statistics if you do not like calculus. Business majors by definition are stupid. If you're interested in doing volunteer work related to this major, the Community Service-Learning Center can help you find a related volunteer position. Detective Todd Johnson analyzed the evidence to prove that he would be best served by pursuing two degrees at AIU to reach his goal in this edition of AIUStrong. You can do a lot with this major! How to access Pew Research Center survey data.

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Math: less computational than you would think. Professor, Iowa State University. Not only are there a wide variety of exciting opportunities for statisticians, but careers in statistics generally can be quite lucrative, with statisticians of sufficient experience often able to earn six-figure salaries. The leading college-bound community on the web. Last but not least if government jobs are being outsourced in unprecedented numbers to private oligopoly contractors, the tax payer will pay more, the worker will get lower pay the the contractors—such as Haliburton—will make a lot of money. Student Chapter of the ASA. You will still take theoretical classes - it's the electives that would define your academics.