Music subjects to study at college

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Music subjects to study at college

A course designed for students with little or no music background as preparation and support for other music courses, ensemble participation.
This course is a study of the musical concepts of melody, rhythm, harmony, and form as applied to the principles and techniques of writing and arranging for the.
Our course covers a broad range of music, as well as a great variety of ways of in the libraries in Cambridge (in the Faculty, Colleges and/or University Library). Through close study of primary and secondary historical texts and musical repertory that will include the spiritual, Music subjects to study at college, jazz, and concert music, this course will explore ways in which ideas about musical sound and musical performance, from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of World War II, articulated the stakes of the black freedom struggle and the meanings of freedom. No more than one-half credit may be earned per semester. In differing ways, these works were deeply engaged with challenges posed by the elevated artistic prestige and compositional expectations associated with the post-Beethovenian symphonic ideal. Students will be introduced to opera as a genre, to late romantic musical aesthetics, to the literary origins of these works, and to relevant scholarship theorizing empire and representations of difference. We will focus on the sounds of the music, learning to distinguish a wide variety of genres, while also tracing the development and transformation of rock and pop styles. You can start by reading articles about music therapy on and visiting the websites of schools listed in those articles. Students are introduced to principles of melodic construction, modal counterpoint, and more advanced tonal harmony, applying them to appropriate musical examples. Terror in Resonance OST 09 walt

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How does it shape musical markets, channels of musical circulation, and the structure of musical institutions? We will trace the development of that language and its rhetorical elements through a series of guided listening projects. Left Navigation: About the Department Admission Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes Current page: Course Listings Faculty Concert Calendar Performing Groups Private Lessons Outreach History of Music at BC Giving to Music. Choice of any one course:. We will encounter examples from keyboard repertory, dance music both court ballet and aristocratic social dance , theater music, the symphony, and chamber music. This course will examine the relationship between music and politics in a variety of historical and cultural contexts, exploring how and why music has been such a powerful carrier of ideology. See individual College websites for details and the Colleges provide details of arrangements in the letters inviting applicants to interview. Music subjects to study at college

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Music reading skills are not required. Seven Things Every College Kid Should Know on Day One. What to Do with a Music Degree. This course is an introduction to the study of music history through focus on selected examples of art music cultivated in Western Europe, the United States, and globally since the mid-eighteenth century. Score analysis of representative works by Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, Thad Jones, and others. Events for care leavers.