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college subjects miami dade

Our high school teachers, counselors and administrators are Miami - Dade County Public School employees certified by the State of Florida in their subject areas.
The numbers are worse at Miami Dade College, Lockett's school. There, 63 percent of high school graduates take at least one remedial course.
saswhitetigers effort of Miami - Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) and Miami - Dade College (MDC). SAS Course of Study for School Year.
Christopher Henderson Recruiting Profile / Miami, Florida, Tennessee, Auburn The College changed its name to Miami-Dade Community College around the same time. South Florida Bulls American. Because of this, the focus of the College became strengthening its academics. Every now and again, it nearly does, as author Phil Lowry demonstrates. The study concluded that the FCAT created a disconnect between the skills taught in public schools and those needed in college.