Chemistry what to major in

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Chemistry what to major in

While many chemistry majors go on to do some form of postgraduate study or use chemistry as a vehicle to work towards a medical degree.
This chemistry major has fewer technical requirements than the other chemical sciences curricula but allows the most flexibility to pursue other interests.
The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry (B.A.) is a flexible program designed to prepare the student for further study in a wide range of fields. With a minimum number.

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Courses credit degree test papers Skip to main content. Repaying Your Student Loans. General American Chemical Society ACS Option. Meet Residence Life Staff. The Department also offers an honors program for eligible students. Requirements for participation in the chemistry honors programs are described in the section on Honors and Awards. The major in chemistry leads to a B.
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Undergraduate Study - Chemistry Major. For the student who wants chemistry with a strong physics orientation, a in Chemistry with Specialization in Chemical Physics is offered. Director of Undergraduate Studies: Joe Grabowski. Chemistry as a Major. The in Chemistry with Specialization in Biochemistry caters to students having a strong interest in biology and biological chemistry by incorporating biologically-related lecture and laboratory courses. All of the required courses are offered each Fall and Spring Term, and many during the Summer Sessions. Advancing society through education and research.