Archaeology how to write name of book in essay

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Archaeology how to write name of book in essay

AN ARCHAEOLOGY STUDENT'S GUIDE TO Writing an essay is a way of conveying your opinions about a particular issue to your reader. Your opinions Rediscovering Ghana's Past. London: Longman. author's name book title publisher.
American journal of archaeology, American Antiquity, published by the Society for guide below should cover what you need to know for most papers, including If a book has been . Write out first names of authors, rather than using initials.
A paper, thesis or book should have a structure that is consistent with general Title page. • Title and subtitle of the thesis. • Name student (author) and mere enumeration of the chapters you are going to write, but also discuss why you are.

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Undergrad Research Opportunities Program. You must write the essay in your own words. Updated by Curtis Runnels and Priscilla Murray.. Modern Language Association MLA. Figures maps, plans, photographs, or other images are grouped at the end of the paper, each with a number and a caption explaining the figure and identifying the source. Remember late essays will have marks deducted if you have problems meeting a deadline consult the lecturer or course director before the submission date.

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For web sites include the author s , date of creation, and the complete URL address. You may not submit the same paper, or substantial portions of one paper, to more than one instructor. The essay must be a well-structured piece of prose with a clear introduction and an identifiable conclusion. American Anthropological Association AAA. Try to think like a member of a jury in a trial. What is known, and not known, about the subject? Use primary sources such as published books and articles in peer-reviewed journals, and limit your use of secondary sources such as textbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. State your conclusions clearly in the first sentence of the last paragraph. Presentation of your essay. Cite only the references you use. American Sociological Association ASA. Be explicit when you explain your reasons for your conclusions. Archaeology how to write name of book in essay