General Studies worst college subjects

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General Studies worst college subjects

So which college majors are the least valuable in terms of career prospects Survey, Forbes discovered the 10 worst college majors based on high initial 3) has a rate of and philosophy and religious studies is a high While a bachelor's degree was once a general qualification that could.
Popular majors, such as business, may restrict their upper-division courses to declared majors. As a general studies major, you may not be allowed to take these.
Do people actually think a general studies degree will make them As part of my job, my company paid for us to take college courses in real.

General Studies worst college subjects - Reminders

Liberal arts graduates are the ones who run the country, protect it from threats external and domestic, educate the next generation, and resolve disputes our courts. Studying philosophy is very important. I've tried to offer a more nuanced version of my original argument but it obviously isn't gaining any supporters. Make sure you do internships, and work yourself up outside of school, as well as in the classroom. How many people making crappy things they call art do we need.. I have a decent social life, and I am greatly interested in history and literature.

General Studies worst college subjects - conclusion both

Even if you were to go on and get a Ph. There was a time when college was a place for a person to get an education. We have a home woodcraft business. And well I have to admit I'm flattered that you call me mentally challenged. The higher you set your goals, the less you will eventually stumble.
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